Raymond, University Teacher Education Faculty

Dear Heather and HCG,
My partner, who teaches at (a local middle school) was absolutely wowed by your presentation yesterday. She has been involved in (her school’s) equity efforts since the beginning, and thus has been to numerous conferences and heard lots of speakers. Rarely has she gushed about anyone as much as she did you. Just thought you’d like to know the powerful impact you have on area teachers. Congratulations and by all means keep doing what you’re doing.

– Raymond, University Teacher Education Faculty

Michael, Student Affairs Administrator

We’ve made Dr. Hackman’s facilitation on racism and white privilege a requirement for all of our student leaders for the past 3 years. We continue to invite her back because of her engaging and welcoming style where she invites participants to challenge what they think they know. Dr. Hackman is humorous and humble yet confronts racism unapologetically, while masterfully using her personal experiences to break down white privilege and the myth of “color-blindness”. Students leave her facilitations with the knowledge, passion, and skills to fight everyday racism.

– Michael, Student Affairs Administrator

Jackie, High School Teacher

I attended three one-day sessions with Heather Hackman through another district’s Cultural Collaborative, and the insights that I gained impacted me personally and professionally. Heather’s racial justice seminars lead participants through a progression of understanding race, racism and whiteness. Heather’s ability to use humor with this serious subject matter makes her sessions as enjoyable as they are insightful. In addition, Heather uses a combination of written reflections, group sharing, and lecture to bring variety to her presentation. Teachers from my High School attending the seminars liked Heather so much that we ended up hiring her for three staff development sessions at our school!

– Jackie, High School Teacher

Lou Anne, High School Administrator

For many years our school has held seminars for teachers to become more sensitive to diversity issues. While empathy has its place, it has not been the basis for authentic systemic change. Having worked with a number of consultants over the past twenty years, none have been as effective in creating systemic change within our institution as the Hackman Consulting Group.

– Lou Anne, High School Administrator