Heather and Stephen,
Just wanted to let you know that the residents cannot stop talking about your racial equity training yesterday. It was extremely well-received and deemed as essential and necessary for our training. We are looking forward to more.
Jason R., MD


Heather’s contagious energy and commitment to race equity work is evident throughout my numerous interactions with her.  She not only has increased my knowledge about race equity, but has challenged me to really change my perspective and behavior in significant ways.  After attending Heather’s workshop, I see the world through a different lens and am more prepared to lead others in this work.  Heather is approachable and authentic.  She is also not afraid to ask the tough questions that lead to real and lasting change.

– Carol, Human Services Administrator


Our organization considers Hackman Consulting Group’s work to be foundational to our race equity work.  Heather and HCG have helped us take significant steps forward in not just learning about race equity but applying what we learn to our everyday work with clients and co-workers.  Their broad perspective, skill and insight have benefited how we frame our race equity work as well as how we set direction for the future.  They are flexible in meeting our ever-changing needs and highly committed to doing whatever they can to help our organization address race, institutional racism and whiteness.

– Carol, Human Services Administrator


Justin, Universalist Head Minister, Minneapolis

Heather’s racial justice teaching is grounded in the uncompromising belief that through this work – through learning to see, act, think, and respond differently to issues of race, racism, and whiteness – we can begin to restore our full humanity, and move toward the dream of a racially just community and world. Her humility, compassion, and authentic vulnerability create a learning environment where curiosity, commitment, and a new consciousness easily take root. Heather is giving us the road map and the tools we need to carry our racial justice work forward in our faith community. I highly recommend Heather and Hackman Consulting Group

– Justin, Universalist Head Minister, Minneapolis

Sara W., M.D.

Dr. Hackman and Dr. Nelson’s “Racial Equity In Medicine: Addressing Provider Bias” training should be a required component of medical education. They created a respectful, non-judgmental setting for honest self-reflection. As an attendee, I left feeling empowered to work on my own attitudes, beliefs and most importantly actions as I work to best serve all of my patients.

– Sara W., M.D.

W.J., Non-profit Foundation Director of Communications

Heather –
I wanted to thank you for the terrific institute you facilitated at the Seattle WPC on dismantling white privilege and class supremacy through cellular wisdom. What I learned resonated deeply on many levels and has inspired powerful conversations both at home and at work.

– W.J., Non-profit Foundation Director of Communications

Elizabeth, Non-profit Communications Director

A belated thank you for an absolutely excellent session. I’ve rarely seen a more engaged group. I was raving about the experience to a friend just following your session and he mentioned that I didn’t need to tell him: he knew, first hand. You had just offered a challenging, engaging conversation at his church. Thanks so much for your inspiring work.

– Elizabeth, Non-profit Communications Director

A.B., Non-profit Executive Director

Dear Heather and HCG,
I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your powerful training and facilitation for the board yesterday. So far the feedback on the session is that it was outstanding. Several of the board members have mentioned to me that we would like to host an event where we bring you back to lead a training focused on the linkages between climate and racial justice.

– A.B., Non-profit Executive Director

Emily, Residence Hall Director

Heather – I wanted to send you an email thanking you for your keynote and follow-up at MCPA. I am a second-year hall director and am working to find a way to integrate the (social justice) questions and issues (you posed) with the work that I do. I found your keynote address to be very thought provoking and inspiring for me. I was especially moved by your words about how we create space for empathy and love (I do dare say it) in the work that we do and the ways in which I engage with students. I truly enjoyed your ideas and felt so rejuvenated and challenged (in a good way) after your keynote. Thank you!

– Emily, Residence Hall Director

Stanley, E-12 District Administrator

HCG, Thank you so very much for your awesome and challenging presentation on last Monday. Our Equity Day was a success because of you. Staff and administration are still talking of your challenging statements and insights. Thanks again for your skill, wisdom and passion.

– Stanley, E-12 District Administrator