Knapsack Institute, sponsored by The Matrix Center at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Dr. Hackman will be presenting a few different workshops over the three days of the Knapsack Institute, with a whole-day faculty workshop on Climate Change, Climate Justice, Social Justice (Race, Class, Gender lens) and Resilience.

Thursday 12, June and Friday, 13 June

“Education for a Sustainable Future: Addressing Climate Change, Social Justice and Sustainability Across the Entire University Curricula”

This workshop highlights the need to address climate change, social justice and sustainability in every content area on campus and offers some basic frameworks for how to do that no matter the curricular focus. Specifically, this workshop is broken into four major parts:

1. Basic information about the current climate moment (applicable to any content area);

2. The relationship of issues of race, class and gender to sustainability and climate justice work;

3. Climate change solutions based in sustainability, inclusivity, and social justice;

4. Concrete pedagogical “what’s” and “how’s” for addressing this content across a university curricula.

Saturday, 14 June

“Climate Change Mindset”

This is an advanced continuation of the opening climate workshop.


“More than Safe Spaces: Addressing and Dismantling Heterosexism, Homophobia and Gender Oppression In Our Teaching and Training”

This workshop builds off of the introductory workshop and explores more deeply the roots of heterosexism and homophobia, considers how they manifest (often subtly and unconsciously) in our teaching, and explores means for teaching instead from an LBGTQI positive framework. The session specifically examines the gendered foundation of heterosexism and homophobia, queer culture and identity, and some of the most pressing current issues for the LBGTQI community, and then considers various ways to get at these issues in our work regardless of our discipline and content focus. The workshop is a combination of content delivery and engagement so please come ready to chat and share.


For more information about this awesome institute and the exceptional faculty that have been presenting at it for many years, please see the Knapsack Institute’s website. Registration is now open.