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2018 Equity in the Center Closing Keynote on Facing Whiteness

Keynote Speech

Speaker: Dr. Heather Hackman, Founder, Hackman Consulting Group

Description: Even in spaces where racism is named, there is often a lack of willingness to call attention to whiteness as the core driving dynamic of racial oppression in the US. Hackman will explore white privilege and supremacy as the continual catalyst for structural racism, and highlight the role of white leaders in dismantling a system designed to preference them and oppress Native people and people of color.

2018 Equity in the Center Summit Videos

What Would an Equity Consultant Do? Strategic, Management & Operational Insights from Expert Practitioners Part 1,

Part 2

Part 3

Description: Race equity leaders with national consulting practices share learnings gleaned from decades supporting nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in shifting culture, operations and practice toward race equity.

Speakers: Lupita Gonzalez, CEO, The Thrive Advisory; Dr. Heather Hackman, Founder, Hackman Consulting Group; Inca Mohamed, Principal, IAM Associates; Julie Nelson, Senior Vice President of Programs, Race Forward/Co-Director, Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE); Elissa Sloan Perry, Co-Director, Management Assistance Group; Sean Thomas-Breitfeld, Co-Director, Building Movement Project (Moderator)