Our Consulting Content

We consult on a vast range of content and can meet our clients at any level of depth and complexity they need. The primary focus of our work is social justice and equity issues, but we also can provide a singular focus on deep diversity. While we address issues of oppression in our consulting and training, the overall purpose is equity, justice and liberation and thus the content areas listed below are written from the perspective of that intended outcome. A sample list of the core content we train on is included below. If you do not see your interest area listed here or if have any questions about these content areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • An introduction to Deep Diversity and Identity issues
  • Racial Equity / Racial Justice (Race, Racism, and Whiteness)
  • Class Equity / Economic Justice (Classism, Economic Inequity, and Moving from Charity to Equity)
  • Gender Equity (Gender oppression and Sexism)
  • LBGT Equity (Heterosexism, Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia)
  • Disability Rights (Disability oppression and Ableism)
  • Religious Equity (Religious oppression, Jewish Oppression and Christian Hegemony)
  • Age equity (Ageism, Adultism and Young People’s oppression)
  • Climate Change and Climate Justice
  • Food Justice
  • Trauma and Healing Justice work