Responding to the Moment

How Can Solidarity Respond? A Part Of The Responds Series By SVP Dallas

On June 9th, this panel discussed how the effects of COVID-19 are being shaped by our national, racial preferences, how those preferences are woven into our daily lives, and how reforming the systems that exist in our communities might take us closer to being a nation with liberty and justice for all.
Opening Remarks: Colin Allred, U.S Congressman (TX-32)
Featured Speakers: Kimberly O’Neil, CEO, Giving Blueprint, and SVP Dallas Board Member Dr. Michael Sorrell, President, Paul Quinn College Dr. Heather Hackman, Founder, Hackman Consulting Group Tony Fleo, CEO, SVP Dallas (Moderator)

Keynote Speech: Facing Whiteness SC’s Nonprofit Summit 2020

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