NAPE Keynote

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Dr. Heather Hackman Speaks at the AASHE 2017 Closing Ceremony

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2017 YWCA Racial Justice Summit – Keynote Presentations


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Equity in Action: Heather Hackman’s BigBANG! 2016 Keynote


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Key Considerations for Folks in the Climate Justice Movement

In this vlog, Dr. Heather Hackman unpacks three key considerations for folks working in the climate justice movement. 1.) The importance of developing critical race, gender and class lenses 2.) As a country and individuals, the need to make amends and take responsibility 3.) The importance of educating, marshaling resources and maintaining hope.

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Living a Socially Just Life

Dr. Heather Hackman discusses the arc from doing social justice work to living a socially just life.

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How can dominant groups move past feelings of guilt and shame?

In this video, Dr. Heather Hackman describes a three-step approach to help dominant groups move past guilt and shame.

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Get in the Boat

Dr. Heather Hackman describes how the word “ally” does not ultimately describe the level of commitment and collaboration needed to create a more equitable society.  Privileged groups need to get in the boat and row with oppressed groups as all of our humanity and liberation are tied up with each other.

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Embodied Racial Justice

White Privilege Conference 17
April, 2016

In this short excerpt from her conference session, “The Body Already Knows: A Re-Imagined Framework for Dismantling Race, Racism and Whiteness and Achieving Racial Justice,” Heather discusses the radical act of embodiment.

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Racial Justice as A Spiritual Imperative

White Privilege Conference 17
April, 2016

Dr. Heather Hackman discusses a pre-conference session she and Dr. Rev. Jamie Washington conducted together at WPC 17 in Philadelphia.  Racial justice needs a spiritual source (defined broadly) and our spiritual practices need racial justice.  How can our work deepen through a congruent alignment between our spiritual work and our work for racial justice?

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