Our Consulting Contexts

As professionals in a wide range of fields, we have a corresponding range of contexts we consult in. A brief description of our work is below but please feel free to contact us with any specific needs or questions you may have.

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Education: E-12

We have a very strong base of consulting tools, materials and experience for E-12 settings, both public and private. While we will do individual consults in E-12 settings, we much prefer to deliver a comprehensive assessment, consulting, training, and application regime with the intention of supporting broad and deep systemic change.

2015 HCG Flyer - P-12

Education: Higher Education

We offer consultation services in three primary areas of higher education:

  • Student leadership development — helping campus student leaders incorporate these issues into all of their campus activity
  • Faculty development — providing faculty with training and resources for working deep diversity, equity and social justice issues into their curricula across all campus disciplines
  • Leadership team training — providing “big picture” and “on-the-ground” implementation consultation and training for campus administration.

2015 HCG Flyer for ACPA- Higher Ed

Climate Justice

Hackman Consulting Group addresses the intersections of current climate data, critical race/class/gender justice frameworks, tools for resiliency and the healing of our relationship to the natural world, and the rigorous analysis of what sustainability means in the “new normal” of the Anthropocene.

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Medical / Health Care

Dr. Hackman and Dr. Nelson offer Racial Equity training for nurses, doctors, administrators, and other health care practitioners. This series is supported by the ongoing research and publication in this area by both Heather and Stephen and please peruse our “Resource” and “Upcoming Events” pages for more information on their work in this area.


We offer two primary services to individual firms, sectors of the judicial system, non-profit legal services: CLE offerings for practicing attorneys (both in-house and state-wide) and consultation services with Diversity Committees regarding issues such as recruitment and retention. The primary content focus for our legal consultation is racial equity issues but we also offer training around gender equity in the legal sector. Additionally, we offer trainings for law school faculty regarding racial and / or gender equity issues.

Non-profit and Foundations

A number of our team have experience in the non-profit sector and we offer trainings that are particular to non-profits / foundations with their particular challenges of balancing service delivery, board responsibilities, and funding concerns.

Corporate / Business

A primary focus in the corporate sector is to move beyond the language of “diversity” and develop and infrastructure that can support a more rigorous and vibrant conversation regarding equity and social justice. Using current research we help companies take the leap into the equity / social justice conversation with the intent to dismantle barriers to participation and maximize the potential of every employee.


We offer a range of training services that help government agencies respond proactively to the quickly changing demographics and needs of their communities. The competing demands of government make these training sessions highly applied and context specific so as to best meet the needs of every government agency with whom we consult.

Human Services

We offer trainings for human service agencies as well as human service professionals such as our “Birthing Racial Justice” series for birth workers or the “Skin Deep” series. Our human services work specifically provides relational frameworks for those providing direct service as well as organizational change frameworks for human service agencies as a whole.

Faith-based Organizations

We have trainings addressing racial justice, gender justice, class justice, and climate justice, to name a few, tailored to the specific contexts and needs of faith communities. In particular we have developed strategies and road maps for the wholesale transformation of faith communities over multi-year periods of commitment.